Edinburgh City FC Lotto

We are delighted to confirm that the club now runs and operates its own Lottery, with draws every Friday, beginning 16 August 2019!

To win, players must select any four numbers between 1-32 and if all four are drawn then the Jackpot is won. Additionally, we will be selecting two random players every week who will win £10 each. If the Jackpot isn’t won then it will increase by £25 per week until one lucky ticket scoops the lot! By clicking Quick Pick (QP) players can let the computer automatically select their numbers, in other words take a lucky dip selection.

The purpose of the Lotto is specifically to help with club funds, this could be towards the manager’s transfer fund, playing budget or other important aspects such as training equipment and so on. All Lotto winners, whether of the Jackpot or Lucky £10 will be emailed by the club following the draw with details of how to claim their prize.

For transparency, we will publish the names of all winners after each draw. To take part click below:

Edinburgh City FC Lotto

We hope all our supporters and their friends and family will enjoy this fun way to support the club; good luck and thank you everyone!