Edinburgh City FC Customer Charter

The recommendations of the Scottish Football Association are for all member clubs to produce and maintain a Customer Charter, designed to improve standards of customer relations between each Football Club and their supporters.

The Edinburgh City FC Customer Charter policy was implemented by the Committee at the Clubrooms, Baxter’s Place, in September 2013. Responsibility for responding to complaints and suggestions raised by supporters has become the brief of the Club Chairman and his nominated deputy.

The Club’s intention is that any contact made shall be dealt with within fourteen days. We recommend that if you do not at least get an acknowledgement within fourteen calendar days, you chase for a response and cite the Customer Charter target response time in your second communication.

The Club will hold a meeting with supporters on request, roughly on a two-monthly basis, which includes Supporters’ Group Representatives elected by the fans. If you have an issue which you believe requires significant discussion, or if you do not feel that your complaint or suggestion has received an adequate or timely response under Customer Charter guidelines, you are fully entitled to request that the issue is submitted to the Committee.

A copy of this Charter will be present on the Club’s official website at all times. Should there be any discrepancies between this written copy and that shown on the official website, please let us know and we will resolve the matter.

While many of the following points may be of little relevance to the Club as it is at the time the Charter was formulated, we include them so that we can establish an acceptable continuity and consistency when the Club progresses to a higher status.

“The Club” refers to the senior football side of Edinburgh City Football Club. It does not include the social club known as Edinburgh City Football Club Limited.

Staff Conduct

The Club believes:

  • Customer care starts from within the organisation, with a good staff team and work ethic.
  • If a Customer has to wait for a matter to be resolved, he or she should be kept up to date with progress reports.
  • Staff should remain courteous even in difficult situations.
  • The Club and its staff will be aware that they are offering a service and will be keen to retain that Customer.
  • Every conversation should be ended on a positive note.
  • That no problem is so big that we cannot solve it together.
  • It is important to realise, when offering a service, that people come first.
  • That the key to Customer satisfaction is to know your job and to respect the Customer’s rights and feelings.
  • That, while paying due regard to feasibility, good faith and the dignity of the staff member, the Customer deserves the staff member’s full attention and is entitled to be satisfied with his treatment.
  • A member of Club staff who cares about his or her job will care about our Customers.
  • A Customer should receive the same treatment our staff members would wish to receive themselves.
  • For the satisfaction of the Club, the Staff member and the Customer, it is always desirable that the Customer ends any transaction with something positive to say about the Club.

Consultation and Information

  • The Club will formally consult supporters on a regular basis through public meetings organised by the Committee, and through fans’ forums, supporters’ club sessions and feedback via the Club’s official website.
  • The Club will publicise its position on major policy issues in a user-friendly manner via the official matchday programme, the official website and any other specialist or general publications or social networking methods which it is thought reasonable to employ.
  • The Club will continue to develop ways of consulting with sponsors, season ticket holders and other stakeholders.
  • The Club will give the earliest possible public notice of any changes to its ticketing policy, and the reasons for any such changes.
  • The Club will undertake research on the design and the number of new matchday kits and any other key branding decisions.


  • The Club will strive to widen the attraction of its home matches by offering a broad range of ticket prices.
  • The Club will operate a Season Ticket Discount Scheme to enable regular supporters to have first refusal on the choice of seat for all League and Cup matches played at its home ground.


  • At least five per cent of tickets to each game will be made available to non-Season Ticket holders.


  • Concessionary prices are available to juveniles, senior citizens and disabled supporters and the carers of disabled supporters.
  • The definition of a juvenile or a senior citizen will be at the discretion of the Committee.
  • At the Committee’s discretion, concessionary prices may be made available to other categories such as non-juveniles in full time education.

Away Matches
Where the Club’s supporters are allocated tickets for away matches (including those played at a neutral venue), if the demand is likely to exceed the allocation received, the Club will give priority to Season Ticket holders and Supporter representatives on the Club Committee.

Cup Competitions

  • Tickets and admission prices for Cup competitions will be priced at normal League admission prices unless required by Cup competition rules, when the price will be agreed with the visiting club.
  • Season Ticket holders can claim their allocated seat during a priority sales period.

Returns and Refunds

  • Supporters are not entitled to return tickets for a refund.
  • Any unwanted tickets – for instance, tickets for Cup competitions unclaimed by Season Ticket holders – will go on sale to the public after the priority sales period has ended.
  • For each match in which tickets are on sale, all the relevant sales times shall be advertised by the normal methods.
  • If a match is cancelled after spectators have been admitted to the ground but before the match has kicked off, ticket holders and other spectators who have entered the ground will be offered free admission to the rearranged game.
  • If a match has kicked off but is abandoned before the second half has started, spectators will be offered admission to the rearranged game for fifty per cent of the admission price they paid to attend the original fixture.
  • The Club will not, except at the discretion of the Committee and subject to the rules of the League or Cup Competition, refund travelling costs if a match is cancelled or abandoned.

Away Supporters

  • The Club will abide by Scottish Football Association regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.
  • The Club will not charge admission prices or pre-booking fees to supporters of a visiting club which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable facilities at the ground of the visiting club.
  • In particular, pre-booking concessionary rates offered to juvenile, senior citizen, disabled supporters and carers of disabled supporters apply to supporters of a visiting club.

Membership Scheme

If and when Edinburgh City FC inaugurates a Membership Scheme, the following benefits will be provided:

  • Money raised through Membership Schemes will be invested into the Edinburgh City FC senior football sides and associated youth sides, allowing members to contribute to the success of the team, youth development and the maintenance and continued improvement of the home stadium.
  • Priority allocation of tickets for all home League, Cup, play-off and friendly matches.
  • Priority allocation for away matches.
  • No booking fees payable on pre-match ticket ordering.
  • Away travel booking service.


  • The Club colours are white and black, and the Committee will have discretion to change these colours only where a clear majority of the supporters wish to do so.
  • The Club will endeavour to ensure that all replica strip designs will have a minimum lifespan of one season.
  • The Club will provide supporters with information on replica strip launch dates.
  • The Club will carry out its obligations under Scottish Football Association Regulations to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of replica strips.
  • The Club offers refunds on merchandise sales in accordance with its obligations under the Sale of Goods Act.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

General Policy:

  • The Club will continue to work alongside and with supporters to eliminate discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or faith, disability, sex and sexual orientation.
  • Edinburgh City FC does not condone any sexually or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical, verbal, written or transmitted by electronic means, and will work with the authorities and with others to ensure that such behaviour is met with the appropriate action in whatever context it appears.
  • Edinburgh City FC supports the Scottish Football Association and other football authorities in their commitment to develop ongoing training and activities to raise awareness in order to promote the eradication of discrimination.
  • Edinburgh City FC does not condone the use of racist, sectarian, homophobic or other discriminatory language or behaviour inside or outside the home ground.
  • Whether home or visiting supporters are responsible, the Club seeks to eliminate unacceptable and anti-social behaviour. Any person using such language or behaviour may be liable for arrest and consequent prosecution, and may be banned from attending home matches.

Tackling Racism in Professional Football
The Club recognises that Professional football has made significant attempts to tackle the issues of racism in recent years. The governing bodies have committed themselves to the campaign and have been keen to spread the message through their members.

Nine-Point Plan and Ongoing Campaign

  1. The Club has issued a statement stating that they will not tolerate racism, specifying the action it will take against racist chanting. These objectives will from time to time be printed in the official matchday programme and displayed round the ground as part of an ongoing campaign.
  2. The Club will use public address announcements to condemn racist chanting as part of the campaign.
  3. The Club will strive especially to ensure that Season Ticket holders do not take part in racist abuse.
  4. The Club will take action to prevent the sale of racist literature both inside and around the ground.
  5. The Club will take disciplinary action against players who engage in racist abuse.
  6. The Club will contact other clubs as required and, when asked to do so, ensure that they understand the Club’s policy on racism.
  7. The Club encourages a common strategy between all staff, stewards and police for dealing with racist abuse.
  8. The Club removes racist graffiti from the ground as a matter of course.
  9. The Club adopts an equal opportunities policy in relation to employment and service provision.

Equal Opportunities Policy

General Policy:

  • Edinburgh City FC is an equal opportunities employer.
  • The Club is committed to equality of opportunity within its organisation and encourages a similar commitment from organisations with which we have contact, either through our business or socially.
  • Equality of opportunity at Edinburgh City FC means that we will not discriminate against or in any way treat less favourably, any persons on ground of race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion, disability, sex or sexual orientation in any of our activities.
  • The above statement must be modified by the fact that Edinburgh City FC is an adult male football club and that under the current regulations of the Scottish Football Association women cannot be members of the playing staff.

“Activities” include:

  • The advertisement of jobs
  • The selection of candidates for employment or promotion
  • Job location or working environment
  • Pay and employment terms and conditions
  • Internal and external training opportunities and awards

The Club provides:

  • A ‘no smoking’ policy within the ground
  • Support for disabled spectators and their carers in designated areas

Disability Discrimination Policy
The Club fully endorses the legal and ethical requirements of equal opportunities for members, staff, spectators and others involved in the Club’s activities. Discrimination on the basis of disability is unacceptable and the Club strives to ensure that no-one shall receive less favourable treatment because of disability.

This policy applies to all staff, members, players, spectators, guests and other persons participating in the Club’s activities. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Club complies with the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and to ensure that disabled people within the meaning of the Act are treated fairly and equally.

In line with the Act, in this policy:

  • DISABILITY refers to a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to perform day-to-day activities;
  • DISABLED PERSON refers to a person with such a disability;
  • DISCRIMINATION refers to treating someone with a disability less favourable than others who have no disability and that the treatment cannot be shown to be justified in relation to the activities or circumstances involved.


Provision of Goods, Services and Facilities:

  • The Club is committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters and customers have as full access as is reasonably possible to all goods, services and facilities offered by the Club at its home ground.
  • In association with the owners of the Club’s home ground, access to spectating and toilet facilities for disabled supporters are available at all times.
  • The Club provides concession admission for disabled spectators and free admission for their carers. The Club has appointed a person responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy and to promote the interests of people with disability. Anyone with a concern or grievance relating to arrangement for people with disabilities is encouraged to contact this person who will ensure that the concern or grievance is deal with timeously.
  • The Club advises all staff that any breach of this policy will be treated as a serious matter and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Employment and Engagement

When considering persons for positions within the Club (either as employees or volunteers) the Club will not discriminate against any persons with disabilities:

  • In the arrangements made for the selection of candidates;
  • In the terms and conditions offered;
  • By deliberately considering the disability as the basis for non-selection except where the disability would preclude the person from performing the duties (e.g. by contravening the Health and Safety at Work Act);
  • By ensuring that there are equal opportunities for training and advancement;
  • In ensuring that nobody is dismissed uniquely or predominantly on the basis of a disability.

Reviewed 5th July 2021, next review May 2022